A Day in the Life of a Production Manager at Corrocoat Ltd

Made Futures

Mike has worked at Corrocoat, the Leeds based international manufacturer of specialist anti-corrosion coatings, for over 15 years.

He has seen the company expand its reach across the globe, now finding itself with operations and partners in over 30 countries. Therefore, you can be sure of one thing, no two days are ever the same for Mike!

Mike’s day begins with a team briefing, covering the days planned production
schedules and what specific products are being manufactured, in what quantities and
for what customer or client. His day then becomes one of constant interaction and communication with other functions in the business, including stock control, QA, the sales office and shipping, as well as taking a lead in negotiating contracts with material suppliers.

Communication is key to ensuring that production runs smoothly and that the highest product quality is achieved. The coatings are used to protect expensive plant and assets in aggressive service conditions, therefore, product quality is key. A significant part Mike’s day involves managing a laboratory team that provide quality assurance checks on every batch of coating.

Mike also acts as first point of contact for Corrocoat’s manufacturing partners around the
world, providing advice and guidance on raw materials, formulations and manufacturing
techniques. Recently, shipping issues at Felixstowe port meant that a great deal of Mike’s time and effort was spent focused on this issue.

As the manager of a large and diverse team, wider management responsibilities are also
part of Mike’s day. Mike likes to hold an end of day “wash up meeting” to assess if targets were met, discuss any issues arising and to consider what challenges tomorrow holds.

Ultimately, a production manager’s work-life is equally busy and rewarding, with Mike being the first to admit he has the support of a fantastic team with a great work ethic, to ensure he is successful.