Composite Structural Repair System qualified to ISO 24817


Tested in the oil & gas, power generation, water & waste and other industries for over 40 years, the Corrocoat Composite Structural repair (CSr) System has now been qualified under BS EN ISO 24817:2015

The tensile test work required under the standard was carried out at Strathclyde Universities Advance

Materials Research Laboratory. The CSR system uses a combination of Corrocoat specialist coatings interlayered with GRP composite laminates to repair, corrosion protect and give structural strength to pipework and other equipment, at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of replacement. It is an ideal solution for capital process equipment where corrosion has reduced the wall thickness to below an acceptable minimum or where damage has occurred.

The constituents of each CSR System are specially selected to meet individual requirements but in general terms comprise: Polyglass VE/HA, applied to the abrasive blast cleaned area as a primer; Corrofill VE to fill pits on heavily corroded areas and through-wall defects and high strength multi-directional fibre composite interlayered with Polyglass VE/HA.

For more information on the CSR System or a copy of the Strathclyde University report, please contact us or your nearest Corrocoat licensed partner.