Impeller protection on RRS James Clark Ross

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Pump Impeller in Seawater Service

An impeller, in service on the British Antarctic Survey ship the RRS James Clarke Ross required refurbishment and protection against corrosive seawater.

Corrosion Protection

The impeller was abrasive blasted to achieve the required cleanliness standard after which it was thoroughly cleaned down and vacuumed to completely remove dust. Corroglass 600  was then applied by hand,  in multiple coats, to achieve the desired DFT of 1.5mm.

Once cured  any surface protection used was removed, all edges were dressed and the impeller was given a full visual inspection. Thickness testing and spark testing was also completed to ensure the quality of the finished coating system. The impeller was post machined as required and the balance was checked on Corroserve’s dedicated balancing rig.

Corroglass 600 is a high build glassflake Vinyl Ester lining and repair material used to build thick layers, it can also be moulded and machined. The coating has good resistance to seawater and many chemicals and solvents, offering in addition, increased temperature resistance.